What Kind Of Unique Personality do you Have?

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What Kind Of Unique Personality do you Have

Every one of us is unique in some way, but being labeled as having a unique personality could mean almost anything. So the real question is not “are you unique?” but rather “what kind of unique are you?”

There are so many possible answers to that question that trying to identify or describe your own unique personality might prove difficult. After all, what you consider to be completely normal might seem extremely odd or unusual to someone else.

So many ways to be unique!

What is it that distinguishes your special brand of uniqueness? It really boils down to how you respond to the world around you. It’s also important to recognize that your response is determined by how you interpret what you see.

We all have our own set of filters that help us make sense out our experiences. Those filters explain why two people can see the exact same thing and describe what they’ve just seen in completely different ways.

We call it perspective

For example, if a psychologist and a football coach see a certain expression on a person’s face, it’s very likely that they will have two totally different impressions of what that expression means.

This unique personality quiz will test your interpretation of what you see in a series of images. Specifically, it will look at how each image makes you feel in an attempt to pinpoint your unique perspective.

You might turn out to be a…

1. Charismatic leader
2. Unstoppable dreamer
3. Quirky eccentric
4. Creative surrealist, or
5. something else altogether!

Let’s have some fun!

Would you like to find out what kind of unique personality you have?

For best results try not to over think your answers. Going with your gut response will give you a more accurate picture of your unique perspective.

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