What Do Your Instinctive Preferences Say About You?

by Greatness HQ

Many things in life exert an influence on your preferences. Some common examples would be social expectations, gender, education, and upbringing.

On a deeper level, your choices and preferences are also influenced by instinct or what we might call intuitive intelligence?  Have you ever wondered how this powerful force is being expressed in your life?

Seeing your instinctive side!

We often describe ourselves by our life roles and job titles. As important as those descriptions may be, they generally have nothing to do with instinctive preferences. For that kind of description we would need to use questions like:

1. Are you primal or ethereal?
2. Are you demanding or nurturing?
3. Are you more influenced by internal or external forces?

But even these questions can’t give you a clear picture because they are subject to your own intellectual analysis. So how do you separate instinct from intellect long enough to identify your instinctive preferences?

Would you like to find out?

One way to reveal your instinctive preferences is to be presented with a series of choices that have no intellectual basis. In the absence of cognitive involvement the mind becomes quite enough for your instinctive preferences take over.

This fun little multiple choice quiz is designed to give you some insight into your instinctive preferences and how they are being expressed. The average time to take the quiz is only about one minute!

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