What Could You Accomplish in 100 Days?

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What Could You Accomplish in 100 Days

If you got very focused and extremely motivated, what amazing goal could you accomplish in 100 days? What if you put all your focus on one thing with so much value that achieving it would elevate the way you feel about your whole life. How empowering would that be?

Most of the time there are only two things that prevent us from reaching our most important goals. Can you guess what those two things are? Let me give you a little hint. It’s usually not the lack of ability or knowledge that stands in our way. The truth is, we are all capable of much more than we give ourselves credit for, and the knowledge we need is readily available.

So what is it that gets in our way?

Most of the time, our two biggest obstacles are simply a lack of focus and a lack of motivation. And why is it so hard to gather the focus and motivation necessary to make unprecedented progress toward our most important goals? Distractions, that’s why! Life is full of so many meaningless distractions and busywork that the truly important pursuits get pushed aside and trampled on.

How many of your important goals are in a holding pattern right now? What important areas of your life have suffered because you are either too busy trying to keep up, or you are just too worn out after everything else is done?

What if you were totally motivated?

Let’s look at the other side of the equation for a minute. Is there some amazing goal that you could totally immerse yourself in if you could find a way to push all the distractions and busy work aside for awhile? Something that would really light your fire and get you excited? Think about that for a moment and see what you come up with.

I’m guessing that there is something that you feel that way about. Be honest here, isn’t there some special goal that you would love to accomplish if you only had the circumstances. Do you think it might be possible to actually create those circumstances if you were extremely motivated?

Focus follows motivation and commitment

Let’s work on the motivation aspect first. As of September 22 there will be 100 days left to accomplish something spectacular this year. I have always found that having a deadline can create a lot of motivation and this one has some great advantages.

One of those advantages is the fact that you’ve got two weeks to get ready. That’s just enough time to get your strategy together and clearly define your action plan. Another advantage has to do with a head start perspective. Most people will postpone their efforts until after the end of the year. Then they will make some kind of a resolution (again). You, on the other hand will have already accomplished your amazing goal. That means that you can look back on this year with a real sense of accomplishment instead of attaching it to some future uncertainty.

Some tools to help you go for it

I recently came across a great set of tools that can help you make massive progress on your most important goals before the end of the year. And here’s the kicker, it won’t cost you anything! Yes, all this free stuff is part of a promotion for Gary Blair’s powerful 100 Day Challenge, but who cares? I am not suggesting that you need to buy anything from me or anyone else. I just want to make sure that you have access to this free resource.

It’s called the Goal Setting Toolkit and it includes:

* 10 high quality videos for changing your life quickly.
* Goal Setting Action Guide for producing BIG results.
* Special report that helps you make a quantum leap.
* Exclusive interview that will completely change the
– way you think about goal setting and success.

If you grab this toolkit and go over it during the next two weeks it will help you get prepared to experience massive accomplishment by the end of the year. And in case you are wondering, yes, I downloaded the toolkit because year-end challenges are kind of a tradition for me and I really want to get a jump on it this year.

6 things you’ll need to reach your goal in 100 days

1. Clarity. The first thing needed is to actually have one or more clear and meaningful goals. Take some time between now and Thursday, September 22, to get very clear about exactly what you plan to accomplish.

2. Motivation. To pull this off, motivation is a must. Think about all the reasons why accomplishing your amazing goal is important to you. List the benefits you will experience and how it will make you feel. You’ve already got a starting point and a deadline. Make sure you also have a good reason.

3. Commitment. Don’t just say you are going to try, that leaves too much wiggle room. Decide to make a rock solid commitment to actually accomplish your goal by the end of the 100 days. It will take a solid commitment to keep those distractions at bay.

4. Focus. This is where the real power to accomplish your goals comes from. Maintaining a high degree of focus is the difference between mediocre results and outstanding results. To help you with that little challenge, I highly recommend that you read Using Applied Focus Sessions to Boost Productivity. It’s a little focus strategy so you can make the time to reach your goal and still have a life.

5. Accountability. This one is easy, all you need to do is leave a comment telling us what amazing goal you intend to accomplish between Sept. 22 and Dec. 31. There’s a lot of power in the simple act of putting your goals on display for the entire world to see.

6. Action. As usual, nothing happens without action. We live in an action-reaction reality and all the good intentions in the world won’t amount to much if they aren’t backed up by action. So, spend the next two weeks preparing to take massive action for 100 days.

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