What Color Matches Your Personality

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What Color Matches Your Personality

Throughout history different cultures have attributed various powers to certain colors. For example, in ancient Egypt and China they believed colors were able to facilitate the healing of various conditions. This approach is now referred to as light therapy and is still being used by modern holistic practitioners.

Since color is an important factor in the visual appearance of products and brand recognition, color psychology is also used as a marketing tool. In fact, recent research shows that color can be used to communicate brand personality.

What about your personality?

Have you ever wondered why color seems to exert such a powerful force in our lives and how it might be related to personality?

Does the fact that you are drawn to some colors and avoid others reveal something about you on a deeper level?

The 4 primary colors of color psychology!

There are four primary psychological colors. They are red, blue, yellow and green. In color psychology these colors relate to the body, the mind, the emotions and the balance between them as follows.

1. Red – coincides with your physical body and might be expressed as strength, warmth, energy, stimulation, masculinity, or excitement.

2. Blue – coincides with your mind or Intellect and might be expressed as intelligence, communication, logic, coolness, or even unfriendliness.

3. Yellow – coincides with your emotions and could be expressed as optimism, confidence, self-esteem, friendliness, or creativity.

3. Green – represents balance between the other three and might be expressed as internal harmony, reassurance, equilibrium, or peace.

This of course is just a small sampling of the colors and their role in color psychology, but it’s enough to give you the basic idea.

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