Set a Goal and Get Motivated by Starting Small

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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step ~Lao-tzu

Sometimes it is easier to think about a goal than it is to get motivated enough to work towards it.  Large projects can seem overwhelming, and if you feel like you are always busy with the day to day things, it can feel like you will never have the time to do something grander. This is why starting small makes it easier to get motivated and to stay motivated.

Childhood wisdom to help you feel motivated

When it comes to getting motivated by starting small, there is a song that I remember from elementary school that went something like this.

“Little by little, inch by inch By the yard it’s hard, by the inch, what a cinch. Never stare up the stairs, just step up the steps

Little by little, inch by inch.”

It was always just a cute little rhyme we sang during class, but looking back, what a great piece of advice.  Instead of thinking about how much you need to get done when you want to accomplish a new goal, try to get motivated enough to take one step at a time.

Why starting small works

Once you actually get started doing something, it tends to feel less daunting.  You might even find that it will be easier than you thought it would be during the planning phase.  Plus, once you begin to see any amount of progress, you will become more motivated to push into the project further and continue to get more things accomplished.

Starting small means dividing it into smaller tasks

So, when you set a goal how do you break things down into simpler to tackle parts?  Here are just a few examples…

Imagine that your goal is to write a book.  Instead of thinking about the daunting task of what may feel like a never-ending writing project, why not just sit down and write a short summary of your story, a first paragraph, a list of characters, or a description of the main character?

Imagine that your goal is to start a blog.  Instead of thinking about setting the platform up, choosing the theme, writing the content, and marketing, why not just purchase the domain name and hosting?

Imagine that your goal is to do some spring cleaning?  Instead of thinking about how long it is going to take to go through all five rooms in your house, why not just look into one room, pick one closet, and throw some items you no longer want in a bag to be donated?

Imagine that your goal is to start exercising.  Instead of thinking about how tough it will be to commit waking up an hour earlier and starting a regular routine, why not just take five minutes and go out for a walk?

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