Realistic Stress Management

by Greatness HQ

Stress and anxiety are taking a ridiculously high toll on people’s lives these days. It is estimated that upwards of 80% of all physical, mental, and emotional disorders are the direct result of stress.

Clearly, to enjoy life it is now absolutely vital that all of us develop the coping skills that will give us the ability to control our response to stress.

Because stress is cumulative, if left unchecked it will continue to eat away at our resources and can eventually result in an acute form of anxiety. This is the primary reason why so many are on anti-anxiety medication these days. And yet, with the right skills stress and anxiety can be dealt with naturally.

Is there a realistic stress management technique?

This video contains some very realistic tips for overcoming stress and anxiety. Jon Mercer spent more than 25 years dealing with his own severe anxiety disorder. Now he is an stress and anxiety coach and his EasyCalm video series has helped more that 30,000 people worldwide. This is the first video of his 10 video series.

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