Ramping Up the Way You Think About Setting Goals

by Greatness HQ
Ramping Up the Way You Think About Setting Goals

Here’s a fact: We all go through the process of setting goals and achieving them repeatedly during the course of a normal day. And we often do so without even thinking about it. For example, when you got up this morning, did you have something you wanted to accomplish, or did you just get up and wander around aimlessly? You had a goal, right?

Maybe it didn’t seem like a goal because it was something that you do almost every day. Even if it was just your normal routine, chances are you had a goal, or a whole bunch of goals to accomplish today. Did you go to work, get the kids off to school, or go grocery shopping? Did you do all three, and more?

How were you able to accomplish those things?

Likely, you planned them out ahead of time, and decided how they would fit into your schedule for the day. You probably made some preparations the night before and determined what time you needed to be up and going. As the day went on, you kept an eye on the clock and made whatever adjustments were needed.

Realize it or not, you were setting and achieving goals all day long. That’s what productive people do, and that makes you a successful goal-setter. True, this is goal setting on a very basic level, but what would your life be like without it? How many of the things that you do every day would not happen without your ability to follow through on your goals?

Could you take it to the next level?

Of course you could! Once you acknowledge that it is something you already know how to do, how hard is it to bump things up a notch or two? You have already proven that you are capable, so start by giving yourself some well-deserved approval. Don’t take your abilities for granted. Your ability to set and achieve your goals is part of what already defines your life.

Now is a perfect time to start thinking about ways to become more goal oriented. Many people are abandoning their hopes and dreams because of what they see as a challenging economic situation. What about You? Are you ready to throw in the towel on your long-term goals because things have gotten a little more challenging?

Did you know that even during the Great Depression, 75% of the workforce was still employed? Three fourths of the people still had jobs, homes, and cars. The kids still went to school in the morning, and came home to dinner every night. Not only that, but thousands actually found ways to prosper during those challenging times.

Break away from the mass mentality

When we set a goal we are actually claiming our independence from the crowd by accepting responsibility for the outcome we create. Many successful people even take it a step further by making themselves accountable to someone else.

Creating a sense of accountability can be as simple as announcing your goal to a friend, or group of friends. Granted, the thought of other people knowing your intention may make you feel somewhat vulnerable. In some cases, it might even increase the fear of failure. So…

Why in the world would you do that?

Because accountability is a very powerful motivator. When you tell others what you intend to accomplish, several things happen. You might think that it’s the simple fact that they know that creates the changes, it ‘s not. In reality, the fact that you know that they know is what immediately changes how seriously you view your own goals. When we make something public, we are much more compelled to follow through.

In an amazing way, accountability magnifies our own level of commitment. When our name and reputation are on the line, it becomes very personal. With greater commitment comes razor sharp focus and greater adaptability. What happens to the odds of your being successful under these conditions?

Your chances of success will skyrocket!

Why do people feel compelled to show up at work on time and ready to go? What is the driving force behind productivity and achievement worldwide? Why will we do almost anything within or power to keep from disappointing those we love and care about? The answer is the same to all three questions – accountability.

I am not talking about having to answer to others because, in reality we only answer to ourselves. I am talking about the motivation that is created when we stand up and announce to the world, “This is what you can expect from me.” It’s very powerful!

What do you see in the near future?

This is the time of year when people start struggling with resolutions they recently made. Have you ever thought about the word resolution? It is defined as a statement of intent, a vow, or a determination.

So, making a resolution at any time of year implies a commitment to facilitating some kind of positive change by establishing and achieving a goal. It means being determined to do it within a certain time frame.

Making resolutions is all about setting and achieving goals

Let me ask you a few questions:

1. Do you have some goals that you want
. . to achieve in the near future?

2. What would you be willing to do to achieve
. . unprecedented progress?

3. Are you ready to pull out all the stops and
. . make big things happen?

If you said yes to all three questions, then now is the time to start putting your goals down on paper and designing an action plan. If you said no to even one of those questions then ask yourself, “What would it take for me to be able to say yes?”

Keep asking yourself that question until you know the answer. Are limiting beliefs standing in your way? Have the talking heads convinced you that there are only dark days ahead? Have you failed in the past and don’t want to risk it again? Don’t be afraid of the answers you discover. All of these obstacles can be overcome once they have been identified. The important thing is to identify whatever is holding you back so it can be addressed.

Don’t forget about your abilities

Remember, we have already established that you are a capable goal-setter, and that you demonstrate this ability every single day. All it takes to make your bigger goals a reality is to ramp things up a bit. One of the most powerful ways that I have found to do this, is to join the 100 day challenge. It is absolutely amazing what you can accomplish in a relatively short period of time with the right focus, guidance, and support.

Personally, I am determine to radically ramp up the quality of my life and my business this year, and I would love to have you join me. Here’s a very cool free tool to help you get started, it’s called the Goal Setting Toolkit. So, how about it, are you going to let another year slip by or are you going to make something impressive happen?

Why not start right now by declaring your goals to the world and creating some accountability? All you need to do is write them in your comment below. Please, don’t put your dreams on the back burner. This can be the year it happens for you, the year you accomplish something amazing if you are truly willing to ramp up the way you think about setting goals.

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