Personal Growth Starts with an Internal Program Upgrade

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Personal Growth Starts with an Internal Program Upgrade

What do you do when you want your computer to perform a task that is currently beyond its ability? You upgrade it, right? Sometimes it is a major system upgrade and sometimes it is just a matter of upgrading a single program. But one way or another you make some internal changes so it will perform better.

We all accept this concept; otherwise we wouldn’t be able to function online. In fact, we do this type of upgrading in many areas of life because technology moves forward and if we want to be a player we need to keep up.

The same principle applies to Personal growth

Anytime we raise the bar of expectations, in any area of our lives, we need an internal program upgrade. We can’t just stay the same and expect life to adapt to us. If we think that we can stubbornly stick to our old way of thinking, our old program, then we are imposing severe limits on our own personal growth.

If we want to accomplish something extraordinary the place to start is our internal programs and learned behaviors. The old ones got us where we are, and that’s what they were designed to do. But now we are ready to move to next level of personal growth and expand our world. Before that can happen, we need to upgrade our operating systems.

An internal program upgrade precedes our personal growth

Emotions are one of the most powerful resources we have. When our heart desires something we will change whatever we need to in order to have it. That includes our learned behavior and our perception. We will find ways to overcome any obstacles and jump any hurdles that get in our way. That’s because once our heart gets involved we become emotionally supercharged.

Life is occupied in both perpetuating itself and in surpassing itself. If all it
does is maintain itself, then living is only not dying. ~Simone de Beauvoir

An internal program upgrade empowers us to experience radical personal growth and that’s why adjusting our programming on an emotional level needs to take place before we dive into some major, life altering pursuit.

Supercharge your personal growth

To accomplish extraordinary things, we need to find the passion required to change our thinking from “needing to” which is logical, to “wanting to” which is emotional. Logic is a great tool but it lacks the horsepower to change who we are on the deepest levels.

How many times have you tried to change yourself with logic?

How did things work out?

The point is, if we are not touched on an emotional level, we probably won’t be motivated to change. Our program will remain the same, and are personal growth will be stunted.

Embrace internal change and personal growth

At any point in life we all have a set of learned behaviors and response patterns that are based on experiences that have already happened. As valuable as these are to living our life the way it is right now, they are not necessarily advantageous to personal growth. If we just continue to rely on our old, learned behaviors and response patterns we will continue to produce the same old results and have the same old experiences.

Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as
deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be. ~Karen Ravn

Change is the driving force behind personal growth. In fact, the two are inseparable and real change always starts internally. You can’t have a meaningful adult relationship with a seven year old mentality and internal program anymore than you can have an exceptional life with a stuck in the past mentality and an outdated internal program.

Harness the power that lives inside you

The desire for personal growth motivates you to learn the skills that can facilitate that growth. But without the desire or passion to propel you forward, you can’t sustain the needed motivation to make real progress.

Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid
only of standing still. ~Chinese Proverb

Personal growth is an inside job. We start by figuring out where we are and where we want to be. Once we identify the emotional anchors involved we can dismantle the ones that hold us back and harness the ones that can move us forward. That’s the true essence of an internal program upgrade.

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