Milestones, Personal Growth, and My New Challenge

by Greatness HQ

I love to use milestones as a motivational tool and a way to challenge myself and facilitate greater personal growth. For example, knowing that we were going to Kauai this last January provided the perfect incentive to get into really good shape. The trip served as a milestone.

Three months before the trip I set up a new challenge for myself based on some pretty extreme fitness goals. As that vacation got closer, my efforts, motivation and focus grew. I had a time-line and it made a big difference in my determination. In the end, it was a very rewarding personal growth experience.

There’s a much bigger milestone ahead

We all have milestones in our lives. How we choose to spin those events has a huge effect on our personal growth and our perception of life. I’m facing a milestone that could easily be viewed in a negative way, but I refuse to let that happen.

Instead of adopting the common negative “oh no” mindset about this particular event, I have decided to turn it into a personal challenge. I have just over one year before this milestone becomes a reality, and I intend to use it as a huge source of motivation and focus. So, would you like to know what that big milestone is?

Sooner or later, it happens to everyone!

For many of you this scenario may seem to be so far in the future that there is no reason to even think about it. Trust me; it’s closer than you think. In just over a year I will be 60 years old, and let me tell you, it’s weird to even say that. I’m not sure how it managed to sneak up on me, but it did and so I might as well challenge myself to turn it into an advantage.

I intend to defy every preconceived notion about turning sixty because I believe that we create our own reality. It is my intention with this new challenge to celebrate that milestone as one of the major positive events in my life so far. But for that to happen, I need to start working toward that goal right now.

The primary reason for this article is to announce my intentions and create accountability for…

My Personal Challenge

I am challenging myself to reach new heights in several important areas of life over the coming year. I realize that this will require incredible focus and honestly, and I welcome this new challenge. By making my intentions public I have just created massive accountability.

I know from experience that accountability can be an incredible source of motivation. If you are contemplating some personal challenge, I encourage you to take advantage of the power of accountability. Once you do there is no turning back.

7 specific areas included in my personal challenge

Physically. Simply put, I am challenging myself to get in the best shape of my life by the time I turn sixty. This is saying a lot considering that physical fitness has always been important to me. It’s not like I’m some couch potato just trying to achieve minimal fitness goals for a sixty year old. Even so, I can already see the results in my mind and I am excited about it.

Financially. I haven’t been very focused on making money the last couple of years because I’ve been busy creating value and helping others with their personal growth. Now it’s time to allow financial abundance to flow into the picture. Exactly how I do this is something I will be sharing with you in a few months because I believe in abundance for everyone.

Spiritually. This is not an area of my life that I talk about on this blog and that’s not going to change. It is however something that is extremely important to me personally and to my family. Suffice it to say that this aspect of my life will be getting increased attention on a daily basis.

Emotionally. This includes my overall and dominate attitude about everything. Learning to live more fully engaged and present in each moment and being even more aware and open to this incredible journey.  I’ll be working to achieve a greater degree of full mental and emotional involvement and integration with every situation and circumstance.

Inner clarity. Over the next year I want to review and reevaluate my beliefs about my own potential. I want to make absolutely sure there are no hidden limiting beliefs hindering my personal growth. I intend to bring new clarity to my priorities and let go of anything that no longer serves me.

Relationships. I want to raise the level of communication and connection with those who matter most to me, especially my wife. My marriage is an absolute top priority in my life and I will be working to make sure that it never takes a back seat to anything. We have been together a long time and I have a deep desire to grow our relationship to a new level of intimacy and oneness.

Contribution. Right now I have several projects at different stages of development. They are all designed to make people’s lives better in one way or another. I will finish all of these projects over the coming year because helping others improve the quality of their lives through personal growth is how I enter the world.

There are of course other aspects of life that will be involved in my challenge, but I think you get the idea. I’ve turned a normal event into a reason to get motivated and make good things happen. I am happy to report that my wife and life partner is doing something similar. For me, that alone makes the whole project worthwhile.

Putting a positive spin on unavoidable milestones

Why am I challenging myself like this? Well, in just over a year I am going to turn sixty no matter what I do. However, the significance of that unavoidable event is something I have control over. It can represent a new pinnacle of personal growth and development, or it can be something less appealing. I have a choice and I choose a new, positive milestone of epic proportions.

We all have milestones in our lives, what will you choose to do with your next one? Will you challenge yourself and use that challenge as a springboard for reaching new heights, or will you allow it to represent something much less empowering? I encourage you to turn every challenge in your life into an opportunity. I encourage you to choose empowering!

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