Live for Today, Leave a Legacy for Tomorrow

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Let’s talk about the word ‘legacy’.  Many people have the notion of legacy as being a gift of money or an estate left for their dear ones or someone else. While this is definitely a part of your legacy, it is not the entire picture. A legacy will also include what you impart to the future generation, including things like your ideas, philosophy, your accomplishments, and also your money.

While great leaders have left behind a legacy that continues to influence the future generations and inspires them every day, you cannot imagine everyone leaving a rich legacy that is influential to an entire community or the entire world. But, your legacy can be something that talks about you and influences as many people as is possible.

In order to leave a legacy that inspires and influences the lives of the future generations it is essential to start planning for it as early as possible and sharing your thoughts and viewpoints to the benefit of the future generations. But, how does one plan on leaving a legacy?

 Learn the Purpose of Your Life

Everyone has a purpose in their lives. It is essential to listen to your mind and heart and get to know what the purpose of your life is. Once you do this, you can work a lifetime enjoying each day trying to get closer to this purpose in life. Document this purpose of your life and mention your achievements as you draw every step closer to this goal. This itself will speak monuments about your achievements and thinking and speak of your legacy when people read through what you have left behind.

Identify your Thoughts and Document them

Everyone has their viewpoints on every aspect of life. You too will have your own. Identify your thought process and give in depth thinking to core aspects of life including family, love, philosophy, spirituality, community, etc. Pen down your thoughts and read through them again. You might want to visit them over time and refine your writing depending on your thought process. Enrich your writing with your thoughts and be honest. You will never know how and whom you will inspire with your ideas and thinking.

Think about Overall Improvement

Everyone thinks about improving their family and making them wealthy and rich. By doing so, you might not leave a rich legacy. Think even about overall improvement from a broader perspective, for example, you community or your city. Think about how your thought process and work can help in the betterment of many people. Being wealthy and passing it on to your near and dear ones will not help you create a legacy like the one you can create by working for the betterment of other people that need you to help them out.

When you are starting early you have more time to put your efforts and thoughts into action and ensure that you are inspiring many people for a long time to come. It is never late to start working towards leaving a legacy. Wouldn’t it be nice to be remembered for many years to come?

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