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I’d like to talk to you about a very important concept that can totally change the way you experience life starting immediately. The idea that I would like you to fully grasp is this: You can develop the life skills you need to create the life you really want.

It does not matter where you are in life, and it makes no difference what you want to achieve. The moment you finally make up your mind that things are going to be different, that is the point where your life can completely change direction. A simple decision is all it takes to start moving your life toward the achievement of your goals and dreams.

You can create that kind of decisive moment in your life anytime you choose; it is entirely up to you. You don’t need to wait for ideal circumstances to come along before you change your life. You just need to make up your mind that beginning right here and right now, you are going to learn the life skills necessary to claim the life that you truly desire.

When I say “make up your mind,” what do I mean?

One thing’s for sure, I am not talking about wishful thinking. Many people want to make dramatic changes in their lives, but how do things usually turn out? Sad to say, they usually slip back into their familiar patterns, and fail to realize any meaningful change. That is because their good intentions were lacking some essential elements. If you want to create a whole new reality, it is going to require learning some new skills and making a commitment. You need to be serious about changing your life, and you need to master the life skills that will allow you to take focused action toward achieving your goals.

The truth is, creating a life of exceptional quality requires effort. I know there are those who will try and tell you that an effortless life transformation is possible. That would be nice, wouldn’t it? But I think you and I both realize that is not how things really work. Besides, what is wrong with effort? Effort is fun when it produces the results you want.

I truly want you to experience the satisfaction of reaching your goals. I want to see you reach out and claim the life you really want. Why should you settle for less? If your life  hasn’t turned out quite the way you were hoping, then don’t you think it might be time to shake things up a bit? After all, if you just do the same things you’ve always done, chances are you will get the same results. Is that what you want?

Are you willing to change your approach?

Until we are willing to adjust the way we do things, it’s unrealistic to think that we can make meaningful changes in our life. So if you want to move toward an exceptional life and start achieving your goals, begin by asking yourself these three questions:

1) Am I truly ready and willing to really go for it this time?
2) Will I actually apply new life skills to accomplish my goals?
3) Am I willing to set priorities and work to avoid distractions?

If you can honestly answer yes to these three questions, then you need to get clear about what you want. The next step is to organize and prioritize the goals you want to accomplish, so that you know where to focus your attention. This means that you need to give some conscious consideration to what is really important to you, and what you really want to accomplish.

Once you have done that, you need to write a list of goals and set a deadline for accomplishing them. Then you need to prioritize those goals according to their importance in your personal and professional life.

Recognizing the crippling power of distractions

Trying to stay focused on achieving your goals can be really challenging when your life is full of distractions. To overcome this challenge, we need to be very selective with regard to where we focus our energy. If we’re not careful, little distractions can eat up enormous amounts of time. So we need to identify those distractions and impose strict limits on how much time we will allot for them. Make a list of things that easily distract you, and then schedule them into your day ONLY after you have given attention to your priorities.

Start at the beginning

It might seem like a huge task to claim the life you really want. That is why it is so important to break it down into manageable steps. As you go through the process, visualize your desired outcome, but stay focused on doing and enjoying the task at hand. Today I have asked you to think about your willingness to create change, make a list of your goals according to priority, and identify distractions that might get in your way. That is your task at hand and it is plenty for now. It’s a great place to start.

In the weeks and months ahead, we will consider simple yet effective life skills that can help you accomplish your goals so you can claim the life you truly want. However, those skills will only be valuable to you if you are willing to act on what you learn. So in the long run, it all comes back to the same question, are you willing to commit to a life of exceptional quality? Are you willing to actually do what it takes to claim that life?

How much do you want it?

If you are truly serious about transforming the quality of your life and seeing results as quickly as possible, now is the time to act. Do something affirmative starting today and get some momentum started. Yes, it will take some effort, but aren’t you worth it?

So, here we are at a new beginning. Will this be the beginning of the of a personal life transformation for you? Are you ready to ramp up the quality of your life to an unprecedented level? Many people set goals that will never become reality because they are not willing to do what it takes to follow through. Others make a commitment to creating positive changes and experience extraordinary results. Are you ready to claim the life you really want by finally achieving your goals? Then, go for it!

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