How Goal Setting Leads to Success

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How Goal Setting Leads to Success

Creating success in life and in business requires the ability to purposely move in the direction of our goals. Simply put, effective goal setting is the surest path to success.

Of course, goal setting is only part of the process. Learning to take the right actions to successfully achieve your goals is the only way you actually benefit from goal setting. But since goal setting is a skill, it can be learned, and mastered by anyone who is willing to take the time to work at it.

Successful goal setting

Almost all worthwhile pursuits involve a planning stage and goal setting is no exception. If we underestimate the importance of this stage, there’s usually a price to pay for our negligence.  On the other hand, if we use the planning stage wisely, our chance of success skyrockets.

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail! ~Benjamin Franklin

This is one of the areas where I commonly see motivated people set themselves up for disappointment. When we rush into something before we have a realistic understanding of what’s involved, we can quickly get in over our heads.

Do goal setting and planning take away from spontaneity?

I am a big fan of pursuing your passions and sometimes that involves acting on gut instinct and being spontaneous. I also appreciate how easy it is to get so bogged down in the planning stage that nothing ever happens. So why am I touting the importance of goal setting and planning?

The answer is simple, because I like to use all the tools in my tool box. There’s a time for planning and a time for making quick decisions based on gut feelings. There’s also a time to create opportunity and a time to act fast when opportunity presents itself. One does not exclude the other, they are both valuable skills for creating success and they both have their place.

3 Questions that always apply

There are three fundamental questions that we should always answer before pursuing any goal in life or in business. These questions are a vital first step if you want your efforts to lead to success.

Of course, mastering the art of goal setting involves more than these three questions, but they are the perfect place to start. Currently, I am doing the 100 day challenge and getting very focused on the realization of some monumental goals. Have you ever wondered what you could accomplish in 100 days?

If you have some big goals that you would like to accomplish, you should check this program out. It’s got me so absolutely focused and motivated that I know wonderful things are going to get accomplished. The 100 Day Challenge is like goal setting rocket fuel for making things happen. I am loving it and I feel certain  that you will experience the same elevated sense of enthusiasm, motivation and determination to accomplish something amazing.

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