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In success guys, a very, very lonely road man, very few people willing to endure the pain, the sacrifice with diligence to be successful, it’s an uphill battle along that road, you’re not going to see too many friends. You’re going to see your shadow most of the time.

You get cross the heart of hearts inside, what you’re doing, what you believe is a worthy cause a winnable fight. See the things are with many people, we’ve tried to see path you’re on and they failed. As you walk this journey, you’re going to see carcasses all over the place. It’s the character of who you are.

It’s not the title the success that makes you, it’s the character to find success and it starts right there. For some, championships are slowing in the theater when you’re in the arena, they’re one in the thousands of hours. The training class, the 5 am runs, that’s when it’s want.

The heart of a champion is a light switch, that’s when it’s always on and off. Watch it, its constant. That’s when you look at something and your name is attached to it and you do it right.

We all fail in life. We all hit failure, a handful of failure. If you find out if it destroys you or not, yet failure is temporary. Giving up, that is permanent. Broke is failure, success is failure, True success is when you fail and fail again without losing enthusiasm from failure to failure.

Only weak people in life go after things and attempt doing things that they already know that they can achieve. You got to do something you’re quite not sure. Try something new to switch it up. That’s where growth comes, men. That’s were bodies occurs with death. Forced to suffer to discipline today, so that you never suffer the form regret tomorrow.  What do you value?

The difference between a winner and a loser is that values are there after sometime. The winner does it again. And does it again. Until it goes his way.

Mindset guys before your troublesome body. The physical body is just a messenger of the true will. If the mind doesn’t say it, the body cant do it.

You will be tested every single day at the gym to weather those storms out there. You’ve already seen that once, but you need to be pushing through that. You’ve done it day in and day out. You do it again.

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