Goals and Success: 100 Day Challenge Review

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Goals and Success 100 Day Challenge Review

What does it take to accomplish those really BIG goals?

Well, let’s see! To accomplish those big goals it takes strategic planning with built in milestones and deadlines. It also takes regular progress assessment and fine tuning. But most of all, achieving those really significant goals requires that you take consistent, focused action, while maintaining unstoppable determination.

And what is it that fuels your ability to keep taking action and to maintain your determination? Thinks about it, because this is the hard part. Isn’t it true that to keep going we also need a constant source of motivation and inspiration?

Even when we start out with the best of intentions, it’s easy to see why so many important goals never get accomplished. Clearly, there’s a lot more to realizing your dreams and goals than most people realize.

Enter the Goals Guy!

With good reason, Gary Ryan Blair is known worldwide as the Goals Guy. Not only has he coached fortune 500  companies like FedEx, Verizon, and Disney, but his program has delivered impressive results for more than 421,000 people in over 80 countries around the world. He is definitely the go to guy when it come to achieving goals.

On average, I personally use the 100 Day challenge once or twice a year to stay motivated and to power through those really big goals. I love the way it helps me stay focused and motivated. When I need serious results fast, I use this program.

100 Day Challenge – a big program for big results

Beginning with day 1, you’ll be challenged to get focused on where you want to go, and to keep doing whatever it takes to get there. From the planning stage to to the finish line, you’ll stay motivated and inspired with daily videos, goal achievement skills and tips, and progress reviews. You’ll learn to analyze your progress, fine tune your approach, and identify shortcuts.

If you stay with it and actually do the program, you’ll make more progress than you ever imagined, and you will do it faster than you ever thought possible. But in all fairness, I need to mention that this program is not right for everyone.

Is the 100 Day Challenge right for you?

Ask yourself these three questions.

1) Am I really serious about accomplishing something big? 2) Would I benefit from a following a proven goal achievement process?

3) Could I use some help staying focused and motivated?

If you answered yes one or more of these questions, then you are probably a good fit for this program.

If you are sick of falling short of your goals and are determined not to let anything get in your way, the 100 Day challenge could be the perfect vehicle to propel you to the finish line and the successful realization your big goals.

However, if you’re not ready to go for it in a big way, then you are probably not ready for this level of achievement just yet. This is a serious program for those who want serious results and are willing to put out the effort to make it happen.

How registration works and why it matters

The 100 Day Challenge is only available 4-6 times per year, but that can work to your advantage and here’s why. About 2 weeks before he opens registration, Gary releases some incredible free training. That means you can get on the waiting list and receive this training before you decide whether or not to actually do the program.

This free training is so valuable, that I think everyone who wants to accomplish big goals should sign up for it. Seriously, this is quality training that will leave you feeling totally empowered and motivated, and it won’t cost you a thing.

Check it out and decide for yourself

OK, I like the 100 Day Challenge, but I can’t say whether or not it’s right for you. That’s your call, not mine. What I suggest is that you check out the site, watch the short video, and seriously consider signing up for his free training.

Once you’ve experienced that, you will be in the perfect position to decide if you are really ready to turn those big, life changing goals into a reality.  So, here’s the link to watch Gary’s introductory video presentation and to see what you think.

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