Do You Think You Deserve to Receive Abundantly?

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Do You Think You Deserve to Receive Abundantly

Do we receive in proportion to our contributions, or do we receive in proportion to our capacity to receive?  I promise you, this question is worthy of your consideration. The major difference between these two schools of thought regarding how we “receive” is that one is conditional, and one is not.

Why does this matter? Because you may be blocking your ability to receive abundantly. There was a time when my own emotions were wrapped around the idea of receiving in proportion to my contributions. In other words, receiving according to what I thought I deserved. Oddly, this was true even though, in my mind, I accepted the idea of receiving in proportion to my capacity to receive.

Are you abundantly confused yet?

Let me walk you through the thinking process that helped me sort this out.  As I thought about it, this is what I came to realize.

1) If we receive only in proportion to what we give, then some part of us is convinced that we must earn what we get.  The subconscious mind reasons something like this: “ I did something, so now I deserve my reward because I earned it.”

2) If I can only receive what I think I deserve then it’s actually linked to ‘wanting’ approval. How so? Somewhere deep inside of me, I was holding the belief that receiving was my just compensation for doing my part.

3) This meant that I needed to approve of my own efforts before I would allow myself to receive that compensation. (Read that again so it soaks in)

Getting what I deserve is conditional receiving

This is essentially the mentality of a wage earner, and in the world of employers and employees that’s exactly how it works.  The thing is, I am not my own employee and my inner sense of approval should be based on who I am, not on what I do or how much I give.

As long as I live in harmony with my true self I will already have my own approval and therefore won’t be “wanting” for it. The approval we all want is from within. When we don’t have that, then we go searching for an external source.

I was obstructing the flow

Everything in life is a flow, energy flows to us and through us.  It doesn’t need our approval. To receive abundantly, we need to learn how to open the gates and get out of the way. But in this case I was actually in my own way. How?

Putting a condition on my ability to receive meant that I was closing the gate and only allowing energy to flow in abundantly once I felt that a sufficient amount had flowed out. That’s not how abundance works. When you’re filled to overflowing, the flow continues. It overflows!

Every time we internalize any sort of problem in life, we disrupt the energy flow.  To restore the flow we need to release the problem.  There are two ways to do this. We can either release every little problem that comes along or we can identify and release the emotion behind the problem.  Get rid of the unhealthy emotion and you get rid of every single problem attached to it, automatically.

Taking it to the next level

If you can identify the emotional category where those “problem” feelings come from, you can actually eliminate the unwanted emotions and all the problems that go with them – all at once.  So, now you actually have three choices for opening the gate to receive abundantly. You can clear out one little problem (limiting emotional anchor) at a time, one small group of problems at a time, or you can dump the whole category all at once.

Every unwanted emotion originates with one of the three “wants.”  It is either a want of approval, a want of security, or a want of control.  In my case I discovered that it was a want of approval.  Whose approval did I want?  My own of course!  Once I got rid of the “want,” what I had left was – approval!  That’s because wanting is a state of lacking and to “have” you must release the want.

Get comfortable with the idea of receiving abundantly

This is a difficult concept to explain in such a short article, but I hope I have at least piqued your interest. I hope you will take some time to have a closer look at your beliefs about receiving abuntaly. Try to free your mind of the idea that you can only receive what you think you deserve. That is a limiting mindset.

The bottom line is this: You have an unlimited capacity to receive. Don’t limit that capacity by making it conditional. It is more than okay to receive abundantly. The goal here is to remove any self-imposed resistance that might be interfering with the flow of positive, abundant energy into your life.

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