Do You Suffer from Shrinking Self Esteem?

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Do You Suffer from Shrinking Self Esteem

There are an increasing number of debilitating conditions that affect more and more people these days. Today, I want to begin an ongoing discussion about one of those conditions that interferes with a person’s ability to set goals and pursue them.

Yes, I’m talking about low self esteem.

Have you ever wondered how a seemingly well-balanced and productive person can end up suffering from self esteem issues when it was never a problem in the past?

We also might ask what steps can help sufferers rebuild their self esteem and regain control of their lives?

Unlocking the self esteem mystery

Believe it or not, many people have no clue how they ended up with low self esteem.  I’m not talking about the more obvious cases where they were abused or neglected as children.  In situations like that the reasons are easier to pin point.

But what if you didn’t have an abusive or traumatic childhood? What if the problem just seemed to come into your life for no apparent reason? This is a very common problem!  Basically, a low self esteem comes down to your personal feelings and beliefs about your worthiness and value as a person.  If you don’t believe you are valuable and deserving of good things in your life, you will have a tendency to push them away!

Self esteem and success in life

You might be surprised to learn that self esteem issues can cause you to shy away from healthy relationships with others, or avoid setting and achieving goals. You probably won’t push yourself to make more money because you don’t believe you deserve it, or perhaps you don’t believe you’re capable of earning it in the first place.

So having a healthy self esteem is vital for successful personal growth and development. In reality we can all benefit from learning ways to raise our feelings of worthiness and our sense of self esteem and personal value.

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