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by admin

At Greatness HQ  we are always looking for new fresh content for our Social Media sites. 

If you like to create great images we would love to feature your work on our sites.  You will be provided with recognition for your work asdesign-for-greatness-hq-8336424 well as links back to your email or websites (hopefully it can get you more work).  At the very least you can say that your work was featured on Greatness HQ.

What we require will be:-

  • 1. x Facebook Cover image
  • 1 x Twitter Cover image
  • 1 x Google plus Cover image
  • 1 x Twitter background and
  • 1 x YouTube channel image

We must have our logo on every image and would like all images to have an element of consistency.

If you would like to have your design work featured on the Greatness HQ Social Media sites then send me an email at and show me some example of your work.


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