Challenge Yourself – Do a 100 Day Countdown

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Challenge Yourself - Do a 100 Day Countdown

It’s happen again! There’s a little less than 100 days left before this year is just a memory. That’s not much time, or is it? Have you ever wondered just how much you could accomplish in 100 days if you decided to really challenge yourself?

The truth is that 100 days is more than enough time to make some very significant changes in your life, but first you have to decide to make it happen. So, you have a choice. You can let this year run its course and postpone those really big goals until next year, or you can…

Challenge yourself NOW!

Once the year is more than half over, there is a tendency for some to start making plans to start next year with a bang. I’ll do that too when the time comes, but right now I am going to focus on making the remainder of this year really count. There are still a number of things I want to accomplish and it’s time to get serious.

In fact, I am determined to get really focused and make the remainder of this year super productive, and I’d like you to consider doing the same thing. I’d like to motivate you to really challenge yourself. Imagine how fantastic it will feel when Dec. 31 rolls around and you look back and say, WOW, I did it.

Forget about all those obstacles, seize the 100 days!

All year long it seems like every time I got started on a project my world filled up with distractions that slowed me down or tried to throw me off track. I am guessing that you’ve experienced some of that also. If everything you set out to do took longer than you had planned, this is the time to challenge yourself to do something about it.

Do you have goals that keep getting delayed or pushed aside? If so, let’s join forces and encourage each other to make it happen now. Listen, I am totally into this and I don’t plan to let anything get in the way. The rest of this year will go by quickly, but there’s still plenty of time to challenge yourself to make some major progress. Let’s do it together.

Learn the inside secrets of accomplishing goals

Turning your goals into reality is an advanced life skill that anyone can learn. Like most things, it’s a process that can be broken down and explained. There are also some key elements for successfully achieving your goals that once learned make it possible for you to challenge yourself any time to accomplish amazing things in a short time frame.

To stay motivated and focused I use a program called the 100 Day Challenge created by my friend Gary Ryan Blair. And my favorite time of year to do this is the last 100 days of the year because I love to end the year with a strong finish.

Challenge yourself, do a 100 day countdown! 

Here’s a great way to challenge yourself.  Pick one very significant goal and make it happen in the next 100 days. You know you can do it if you get super focused. So, instead of making excuses or postponing it, why not just make a decision to challenge yourself to do it right now?

You must embrace the belief that you have the ability to multiply your performance, dramatically exceed your best expectations, and achieve goals on a scale that in the past seemed impossible. –Gary Ryan Blair

The 100 Day Challenge is the fastest and easiest way I know to kick things into high gear because it is designed to put you way ahead of the curve and keep you there. But even if you don’t get the program you can still challenge yourself to finish the year strong. Do it for you! Give yourself that special sense of gratification that comes with accomplishment.

What can help you challenge yourself and succeed?

Having a deadline for accomplishing your goals is extremely powerful. You’ve got 100 days. Take out your calendar and mark them off. That’s your window of opportunity and it is enough time to amaze yourself if you really go for it.

Accountability is also a very powerful motivator and you can easily create that by simply declaring your intentions in a comment below this article. Tell us what you WILL accomplish. Go ahead, be bold, make a personal commitment and declare your intention to the world.

What goal will you challenge yourself to complete?

Maybe you have been meaning to start exercising to get in shape or lose some weight. Perhaps there is a special project at work or at home that you haven’t been able to get to all year. Did you plan to write a book, get debt free, increase your income, lose some weight, learn a special new skill, or anything else? It’s not too late. Why not make it happen now?

Why am I encouraging you to really challenge yourself and make those goals a reality. It’s simple really. I want you to rock your world and I know that if you start turning your focus to next year, then you’ve already written this year off. What a waste of time that would be. Don’t do that to yourself. How much more rewarding it would be to focus on the here and now and make the rest of this year really count for something.

Remember, accomplishment happens in the present, not the future. Challenge yourself to do it now!

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