Are Your Passions Supported by Your Core Values?

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What happens when we inadvertently find ourselves cultivating passions and desires for things that are out of harmony with our core values and beliefs. I have found that this is one of the main reasons why many people feel dissatisfied and unfulfilled with life even when they have a lot to feel good about.

It’s not a very popular message, but the hidden cause of personal dissatisfaction often comes from cultivating desires and passions that offend your personal values.

Knowingly or unknowingly acting on desires and passions that don’t resonate with our core values and beliefs creates a disruptive state of internal conflict on the deepest level. In the presence of such inner confusion we can never experience true happiness or satisfaction.  Instead, inner disharmony robs us of our sense of inner peace and happiness, and can leave us feeling dissatisfied for no apparent reason.

A hidden cause of personal dissatisfaction

When we desire something in life, there is a tendency to excuse behavior that conflicts with our deep down sense of right and wrong.  When this happens it’s easy to minimize the situation by telling ourselves it’s just a little thing that doesn’t really matter. Even if we don’t know we are doing it on a conscious level, there is still a price to pay.

The problem is, on a deeper emotional level, we have created an internal battleground.  If we allow ourselves to continue without correcting the problem, sooner or later that internal conflict will undermine our efforts and we will be forced to compensate in some way.

While working with coaching clients from all over the world I have repeatedly found this scenario to be a hidden cause of unhappiness and self sabotaging behavior. So, how do we correct the situation and restore a sense of inner balance?

Using our power of choice

It is important to remember that we always have a choice.  The same life skills that allow you to assign a positive emotional value to any life experience also give you the power to devalue unwanted or inappropriate passions and desires.

Learning to do this consciously will make it possible for you to choose passions about that support your personal core values, and to reject those that offends those same values.

When you exercise your ability to choose what your passions and desires, you empower yourself to become the designer of your own life.

Your passions can be incredibly empowering

Learning to align your passions and desires with your core values and beliefs is incredibly empowering. It creates the foundation for a truly satisfying and fulfilling life that runs on positive energy and motivation. At the same time, it eliminates internal conflicts an self sabotaging behaviors.

In life, circumstances have a way of constantly changing.  Sometimes they will support our dreams and passions and sometimes they will challenge us.  The ability to live your passions while maintaining your core values and beliefs will allow you to meet those challenges without sacrificing your personal integrity. When your passions are in harmony with your values and beliefs, challenges can be met passionately without losing your sense of inner peace and harmony.

Do you have passions that conflict with your values? How do you respond to such to such passions?

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