Are You a Lighthouse to Those Around You?

by Greatness HQ
Are You a Lighthouse to Those Around You

Since Ancient times, the lighthouse has been used to mark dangerous coastlines and hazardous reefs. These beacons of light are usually built in inaccessible locations. They exist because storms exist. They symbolize safety, guidance and Integrity.

Darkness reigns at the foot of the lighthouse. ~ Japanese Proverb

At different points in our life we may find ourselves in difficult places. Sometimes we don’t understand why we are facing such dark situations. Much of the time, it’s not about us at all, it’s about the bigger picture. We can gain much understanding by changing our perspective.

A lighthouse shining in a dark place

When bad things are happening or people are confused and feeling uncertain, where do they turn for guidance? In most cases they turn to someone they view as emotionally stable and level headed. Do you know someone like that? Someone who might be like a lighthouse during stormy times.

What would it take for you to exhibit that kind of confidence and stability? What would it feel like if those around you viewed you as a lighthouse in their world? It’s an interesting concept to consider and the reason I bring it up is because you actually could be that person. Once you get to a certain stage in your personal growth, others will naturally begin to see you in that role.

Ask yourself these 3 questions

1) Could you play the part of a lighthouse for those around you?

2) Are you strong enough and grounded enough to weather the storm while providing guidance to those who feel lost?

3) Are you anchored to your values and principals so as to appear stable and dependable even under adverse conditions?

Would you like to move in that direction?

Start by discovering your TRUE SELF

Connect with your TRUE SELF and others will benefit

You see, none of us is in this thing alone. We all benefit from the wisdom and experience of others, and somebody also benefits from our wisdom and experience. When you raise the bar of your life to the lighthouse level, you help raise others up also.

Everyone around you benefits from your personal growth just as you also benefit from theirs. Finding your true self is the great place to start your very own transition to lighthouse status!

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