Aim Higher to Accomplish Your Dreams

by Greatness HQ

Everyone, at some point in their life, dreams of accomplishing something extraordinary. Who hasn’t entertained dreams of being wealthy and successful doing work they love to do? Who hasn’t pictured themselves in a happy and loving relationship?

We may dream big dreams and have great aspirations, but unfortunately for many, their dreams often remain just that – dreams. As time passes those dreams and aspirations can fade away if we let them.

It’s a sad turn of events when we allow this to happens. Instead of our life being an exciting adventure as we pursue our dreams, we can find ourselves caught up in the humdrum of living from day-to-day with nothing extraordinary to look forward to. But you know what, it doesn’t need to be that way. Life can be so much better. Once we learn how to aim higher and then follow through on our dreams, amazing things begin to happen.

Are your dreams possible or impossible?

One of the limiting beliefs that cause some to aim too low is their concept of “impossible.”  It’s easy to get hung up thinking “I can’t do this. It’s too hard; in fact It is impossible. No one can do this. My dreams are too outrageous to ever come true”

If you limit yourself with negative assumptions about your most cherished dreams, you prevent yourself from even trying to reach past what you consider to be possible.

Try this “Big Dreams” exercise.

Take three pieces of paper and let’s go to work on some of your big dreams. On one, list things ‘you know you can do’. On another, write the things you feel ‘you might be able to do.’ Now take the third sheet of paper and list the things that you would like to accomplish but hesitate to try – because you feel that they might be impossible for you.

Spend some time every day working to accomplish the things ‘you know you can do’. Also spend some time visualizing how it will feel once they are accomplished. Check them off as soon as you accomplish them. As you slowly check of all your goals on that first sheet, start thinking about, and working on, the goals on the second sheet, the ones ‘you might be able to do.’ Each goal on this list becomes a stepping-stone toward your bigger dreams.

Don’t forget to imagine that each goal is already accomplished. Allow yourself to experience a sense of satisfaction and confidence in advance.

As you move through this process, you will find that the dreams you thought were impossible become less daunting. They begin to seem easier, more doable. As you build on your accomplishments and your confidence grows, you will naturally want to aim higher. Now that you’ve got some momentum going, it’s time to start making those big dreams come true.

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