Abundance and the Power of Positive Thinking

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Abundance and the Power of Positive Thinking

Do you ever catch yourself  feeling pressured by economic fluctuation or rising prices? Such changes can definitely affect much more than just our wallets, they can also undermine our efforts to stay in abundance mode.

Did you know that money is the most emotionally charged inanimate object in existence, and that negative thoughts and feelings about money can easily rob you of your sense of joy and happiness? When we allow money to influence our emotions, we have given our power to an inanimate, lifeless object. This is a trap that can interfere with our ability to live a life of abundance.

Abundance and lack, two opposing forces

Abundance and lack cannot coexist, one or the other will always prevail. Take a minute and focus on the words, positive, happy, loving, abundance. Those are empowering words that give us a positive and optimistic feeling.  That good feeling represents the way we truly want to be, our natural state of abundance.

We actually block our ability to attract abundance into our lives when we hold the feeling that we lack money or any other resource. When we are confronted with high prices at the checkout stand or gas pump and we get distressed, it adds energy to these negative feelings.

Connecting the thoughts and feelings

Here’s how we can use these situations as an opportunity to raise our awareness and initiate a quantum shift from a negative mindset of ‘lack’ to the positive mindset of abundance.

The next time you find yourself in this kind of situation take a moment to notice if you are distressed about high prices. If so then you are in a mindset that is focused on lack. Our mind is only creative. It uses it’s energy to create whatever we focus our attention on. If we hold in mind that prices are too high and we cannot afford it, our mind will immediately work to verify that reality.

Approval or disapproval?

When we don’t like something or feel distressed because of it, that means that we disapprove of it. By disapproving, we are sending negative energy to a situation we already see as negative. When we disapprove of anything or anyone we are feeding our consciousness with additional negative energy and compounding the problem.

When we make a decision and let go of the negativity and disapproval, we are releasing that negative energy from our consciousness. This makes room for a more productive and positive mindset and opens the door to abundance.

Projecting abundance and positive energy

The next step is to project positive energy and approval into that situation, effectively replacing the negative with positive. Granted, this shift to positive thinking won’t cause prices to come down, in fact they may even continue to go up, so why bother?

Because abundance and lack are opposing forces and a mindset of abundance generates positive energy. This shift in focus and attitude will prevent external forces from undermining your positive state along with your sense of joy and abundance.

Operating from abundance and letting go of lack

When you operate from abundance you attract abundance into our life and free yourself from the grip of negativity. In this is an incredibly powerful state, you will be much more likely to find the resources to easily meet your needs.

Remember, abundance and lack cannot coexist. One or the other will always prevail. Once you choose abundance and positive thinking, the negative energy of ‘lack’ will have no choice but to give way to the more positive and powerful energy of abundance.

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