A Quick Lesson In Happiness

by Greatness HQ
A Quick Lesson In Happiness

One of the most common mistakes we can make in dealing with others is to assume that they share the same view of reality as we do.  The truth is we all represent our experiences, real or imagined, according to our own specialized vantage point on this journey we call life. . There simply is no “one size fits all” view of reality. Because of our highly individualized way of translating and interpreting our experiences on an emotional level, the very same events can have a completely unique meaning for each individual. .

When we judge the way others react to the events or challenges they face in life, we are really inferring that they should be more like we are. That they would be better off if they thought and acted as we think we would in their situation.

Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it, after all, how could they possibly do that? . Even if we honestly believe that they truly would be off, it’s important to remember – that is just our opinion based on what we think we know. . Personal growth in this area involves recognizing that other people are doing the best they can with the resources they have at any given moment – Just like we are. . Judging others is an ego thing. Ultimately, it stems from thinking too much of our own abilities and not giving others credit for theirs. . On the other hand, love and compassion will move us to want to help others instead of judge them. Personal development involves caring about others. As we grow our world expands beyond self. Selfishness is a tiny reality. We are all in the same world at the same time and we should be concerned for those around us. . Why not spend the next few days looking for opportunities to do nice things for others. Hold the door open for a stranger. Look each person you pass in the eyes and give them a sincere smile. Say thank you often and mean it. .Most people have failed to realize that happiness is not something you get from being selfish. It is actually a byproduct of serving others. .

Spend some time over the next few days doing random and unprovoked acts of kindness for others and see how happy it makes you. Guaranteed.

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