5 Differences Between Average People And Successful People

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There always has been and always will be a small percentage of people who achieve extraordinary results, and a big percentage of people who achieve average results. This is not just true in business but in all areas of life: relationships, health, finances, etc.

So what separates successful people from average people? Is it luck? No. Is it age? Hardly. Is it education? Not really. Is it circumstance? Not quite. So what is it then?

The truth is there are many reasons why certain people succeed while others do not. This article examines 5  differences between average people and successful people.

1.     Average people make excuses. Successful people get results.


Average people are constantly placing blame on other people, circumstances, and events for their lack of results. When things don’t work out the way they want them to, they seldom take responsibility. Successful people are the opposite. They see themselves as responsible for ALL of their results – the good ones and the bad ones. They have no interest in making excuses. They stay focused on taking action and getting the results they want. When their actions produce an undesired result, they learn from it and try a different approach until they get it right.

2.     Average people have wishes. Successful people have goals.

Average people are constantly wishing for their lives to be better. They wish for more money… they wish for a promotion… they wish for a bigger home… they wish for a vacation. But their wishes seldom manifest into reality. Successful people don’t wish for their lives to be better – they set clear and specific goals that, when achieved, will result in a better life for themselves and their family. Once they set those goals, they break down that goal into actionable steps that they can begin working on immediately. They don’t sit around and wish for a better life. They define what a better life looks like, and work towards making it their reality.

3.     Average people fear failure. Successful people embrace it.

Average people have big dreams but are paralyzed by the fear of failing if they pursue them. They let that fear of failure stop them from taking action. Because they don’t take action, their dreams never come true. Successful people understand that you cannot have success without failure. Behind every success story is a long list of so-called “failures”. Successful people see failure as an opportunity to learn, become wiser, to overcome and to keep moving forward. They understand that failures teach them the lessons they must learn in order to succeed. They don’t fear failure. They accept that it is an essential part of their journey of achieving their goals. They make failure their ally, not their enemy.

4.     Average people seek entertainment. Successful people seek empowerment.


Average people are more concerned with entertaining themselves than they are with empowering themselves. They waste countless hours watching movies, TV shows, sports, and so on. They neglect to invest time developing themselves by acquiring new knowledge and skills that will enable them to succeed. Successful people are constantly investing in themselves. They read books, they listen to audio programs, they attend workshops, seminars, and events, and they make an effort to get around other successful people. They know that their success is dependent upon the value they bring to the marketplace. They are committed to increasing their value by continuously learning new skills and acquiring new knowledge as often as they can.

5.     Average people procrastinate. Successful people take immediate action.

Average people behave as if they have all the time in the world to accomplish their goals. “I’ll work on that next week”… “I have plenty of time to do that”… “I’ll finish it tomorrow”… etc. etc. This type of attitude results in incredible amounts of wasted time, unfinished projects and unachieved goals. Successful people behave as if time is working against them. They are driven to achieve as much as they can in the amount of time they are given each day. They operate with a sense of urgency, believing that tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us. If something is going to get done, we must start working on it TODAY.

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