21 Worthless Distractions that Sidetrack Your Success

by Greatness HQ
21 Worthless Distractions that Sidetrack Your Success

Have you made a list of worthwhile things you intend to do in the upcoming months to move you closer to your dreams and goals? Have you got an action plan in place so you can keep track of your progress?

That’s a great start, but what about the flip side of that coin? Is it possible that there is another important aspect to successfully accomplishing your goals that you haven’t considered? How about learning to avoid the things the worthless distractions that drain your energy and sidetrack your success?

Those worthless energy wasters

In addition to keeping track of what we intend to do, I think it is equally important to keep track of what not to do. I know that may seem like an odd suggestion, but knowing what to avoid can save you from wasting your valuable time and energy on worthless pursuits.

Let’s face it, life is becoming increasingly demanding with each passing year. We all have endless requests for our time and energy, and trying to do everything will pretty much derail your ability to do anything well.

But there’s also and endless supply of worthless and pointless distractions that can waste your time and prevent you from doing the things that really matter. Let me ask you this…

*How many email lists are you on? *How many time sensitive opportunities come your way each week?

*How often are you sidetracked by the never ending flow of worthless distractions?

What are you going to do about it?

I have decided to make a list of worthless things not to do because avoiding those time robbing, emotional energy wasting distractions will go a long way toward allowing you and I to apply ourselves to the things that really matter.

I believe that tossing out the worthless things that steal your attention and prevent you from being able to focus is an excellent way to free up your energy so you can stay focused and motivated.

This includes all worthless physical, emotional, and mental clutter.

It is extremely important to recognize any area where you needlessly expend your time and energy. The physical time and energy wasters are fairly simple to pinpoint, but the issues that creep into our thoughts and feelings can be much more insidious. By the way, the word insidious comes from a Latin word meaning “ambush,” and refers to that which is slowly and subtly harmful.

Anything that represents an energy drain takes a toll. If there are situations beyond our sphere of influence that fit into this category, it is in our best interest to eliminate them. The same applies mentally. If we can use our cognitive power to have a positive influence, then it’s probably worth the effort. But if all we can do is endlessly ponder a situation with no way to make a difference, then it is nothing more than a worthless waste of energy.

Just say no to worthless distractions!

I put together a list of 21 worthless things that have the potential to complicate my life and yours unnecessarily. They may, or may not apply to you. Hopefully, they will at least provide some food for thought as you examine ways to eliminate worthless physical, emotional and mental clutter from your own life, and embrace a less complicated existence. So here goes…

21 Worthless distractions to avoid because they steal your energy

1. Over committing your time, emotional energy, or brain power.
2. Saying yes just to be polite when you want to say no.
3. Allowing your “have to do” list overshadow your “want to do” list.
4. Letting external influences make your decisions for you.
5. Expecting others to make you feel happy, satisfied, or loved.
6. Allowing work to dominate your thoughts or conversation on days off.
7. Thinking that there’s not enough time to eat right, or get some exercise.
8. Spending your free time doing worthless things you don’t want to do.
9. Comparing yourself to others (big time worthless pursuit).
10. Stressing over things you can’t control or change.
11. Obsessing over other peoples personal decisions.
12. Getting involved in things that are none of your business.
13. Focusing your conversations or thoughts on problems.
14. Projecting negative expectations.
15. Saying “I told you so” when your advice has been ignored.
16. Letting fads or trends dictate your preferences.
17. Blaming others for your current reality.
18. Buying things you don’t need just because they look cool.
19. Inventing worthless distractions to avoid responsibilities.
20. Signing up for info you don’t need because you’re afraid of missing out.
21. Trying to hide from or make excuses for your real feelings.

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